Envirofan Quad-Fan Sub-Floor Kit

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EF Quad-Fan, low voltage transformer, 6m cable plus connectors to quietly extract 5,500ltr/min damp air from your sub-floor area.

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  • Dimensions: 275mm x 215mm x 65mm
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A dry sub-floor is a major deterrent for termites. This fact is outlined in the ‘Termite Inspection Report’ in accordance with AS3660 which is used in the pest control industry.

At the problem area where the musty smell is most pronounced inside the dwelling which can be verified by going into the sub -floor area to determine that the smell is more concentrated in this area. Where discolouration (darkened appearance or fungi) on the soil is apparent as compared to other soil appearance in the sub-floor area. In the area where there is reduced clearance of 180mm between the bottom edge of the floor joist and the top edge of the brick work where the Envirofan sits on. Placed in strategic location as aforementioned where double brick size terracotta vents exist.