1200 x 70 Heelguard Pattern Grate Centre

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Full Stainless Steel Shower Grate - 1200mm Long x 70mm Wide x 22mm Deep - Heelguard Shower Grate and Drain with Centre Outlet


1000mm Long x 70mm Wide x 22mm Deep - Heelguard Pattern Stainless Grate and Drain with Centre Outlet. Drain Base comes with folds in base to allow water to flow directly to outlet. Outlet is 50.8 OD. Outlet is in the centre of the drain. Grate is our Heelguard Pattern. Heelguard grate is also know as a wedge wire grate. Our Heelguard grates come with full edge bars welded on the side and at the end of the grate giving the grate a more architectural and neat look. Other styles available, check out our other styles. Both grate top and drain base are made from 304 Stainless Steel. Ends and outlets are fully welded. Price includes Free delivery - Australia Wide.