Bermuda Smart Tile Insert - Megaflex -80

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Bermuda Tile Insert Drain - with Megaflex leak control flange Suit 80mm Pipe. Free Delivery


Mega Bermuda Tile Insert Drain - the water just disappears without a trace. Smallest depth. Comes with leak control flange.

Tile insert manufactured from solid brass. Finish Chrome Plate.

Square 100mm. Suit 81.5mm Tile insert. Outlet to suit 80mm Pipe. Depth 22.8mm

The bermuda mega floor grate comes with megaflex leak control flange and undercap mortar exclusion device. The megaflex flange allows height abd tilt adjustment while the undercap tear out section stops mortar and dirt clogging pipes. The megaflex flange securely enables positive engagement with your waterproof membrane.

Supplied with Strainer. Note strainer will decrease flow rate.

Free Delivery

FACE DIMENSION : 100mm x 100mm
FLOW RATE : >90L/min
• Tile Insert : DZR Brass
• Base : DZR Brass
• Megaflex Base : A.B.S
STANDARD FINISH : Chrome Plated (ASTD 1192-2004)