HDA-GLU Contact Spray Adhesive

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HDA-GLU Contact Adhesive was specifically designed for high pressure laminates to various substrates.


The adhesive’s high bond strength makes the product suitable to variety of applications using following materials:

Urethane foams, ABS Plastic, Wood Products, Felt, Gel Coat, Foam Baked Carpet, Cork, Moulded PVS, Laminate, Fibreglass Insulation, Non-backed Carpet, Fibreglass, Paper products, Polythene foam, Hessian, Wheat board, Cardboard

HDA-GLU Contact Adhesive is a high tack non-flammable adhesive (flammable propellant) which does not contain CFC’s, suitable for bonding a wide variety of materials giving a rapid and strong bonding formation and is economical in use.